5 great villains from the latest OTT web series you’ll love

As the trend of web series continues to develop in India, the OTT platform is turning into a safe space for filmmakers to show their creative freedom and deliver highly engaging content to viewers. Gone are the days when every show had a hero, heroine and villain, with the hero defeating the villain in the end. No, today’s web series are much more specialized and have a grayscale character than black-and-white. As is the case with the villains in the web series we watch today on our OTT platforms.

That said, there are many web series on the Indian OTT platform where the villain defeats the protagonist. Today’s villains have become much more in touch with the audience and have a human nature to them. Villains like Gabbar from Sholay and Mogambo from Mr. India thrived in the past but today’s audience wants villains they can understand.

Here are some of the villains in the Indian web series that stole the show and made us watch the series on the OTT platform.

#1 Munna Tripathi, Mirzapur

Described by: Divyenndu

Munna Tripathi is a classic Bollywood hero gone wrong. He constantly feels entitled, often makes jokes about himself and is mostly psychotic. But he is very unpredictable and that is what makes him such a great villain.

When season 3 of Mirzapur was announced, the most asked question was about “whether Munna will ascend the throne of Mirzapur.” That question was answered with his death in the final and it is now interesting to see how Mirzapur’s Season 3 without Munna will play out.

Where to watch: Amazon Prime Video

#2 Ganesh Gaitonde, the Sacred Game

Described by: Nawazuddin Siddiqui

Almost all criminals consider themselves the best. Some go further and believe that they are pious. Ganesh Gaitonde is one of them. While Saif Ali Khan’s performance was outstanding in this Netflix series, Nawaz’s Gaitonde brought the show to international fame and success.

It is this crime lord from Mumbai with a god complex that will have you hooked on this critically acclaimed show.

Where to watch: Netflix

#3 Hathoda Tyagi, Paatal Lok

Described by: Abhishek Banerjee

Although he may seem terrifying and dangerous, Hathoda Tyagi is not your average villain. In fact, by the end of Season 1 of Paatal Lok, it was pretty clear that he wasn’t a bad person at all. This character does not speak through the series however, he arouses fear in the eyes of viewers.

But after all Hathoda Tyagi is a gentle person. He loved dogs and had moral reasons for committing the murder at school.

Where to watch: Amazon Prime Video

#4 Raji, Family Man (Season 2)

Described by: Samantha Akkineni

When Samantha Akkineni was announced as the main antagonist of the highly anticipated Season 2 of The Family Man, everyone was intrigued by what her role would be and how she would appear in the Bollywood web series. Then, when the series premiered and his character appeared in the second season, it was immediately known that Rajyalakshmi Sekharan aka Raji would gather the audience behind him, no matter which side he was on.

With a tragic backstory and a resolute heart, Raji is one of the best villains to grace the OTT web series space in recent times. So much so that when he was captured by Srikant and his team, many viewers hoped he would somehow escape. Truly, one of the best performances of Samantha’s career.

Where to watch: Amazon Prime Video

#5 Shubh Joshi, Asura

Described by: Vishesh Bansal (pre-teen), Amey Wagh

Among all the criminals in the OTT web series arena, serial killers are the most hated. They are downright evil, brutal and can do anything to achieve their goals. Shubh Joshi is one of the serial killers, who committed his crimes since his youth when his father tortured him.

Asur is one of the underrated web series in India that everyone should watch on their OTT platform. Especially, for the cold-blooded serial killer of characters who keep you glued to your laptop screen.

Where to watch: sound

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