4 Telugu Female Influencers in 1 Million Clubs on Instagram

Technology really makes room for non-integration growth on screens. What may have seemed unusual a few years ago has indeed changed course. Yes, social media has become a radical revolution, from being a part of life to being a larger-than-life phenomenon. Not all have the privilege of being cast on the silver screen live, but few are blessed with the talent and skills to pave their way to stardom via social media. Here are 4 of the most followed Telugu female influencers who consistently entertain their 1 Million + followers on Instagram with their refreshing content.

# 1 Deepthi Reddy

Instagram Username: deepthi_sunaina
Followers: 2.1M

Deepthi Reddy, also known as Deepthi Sunaina, is from the city of Hyderabad. With a degree in arts, his acting career started with Dubsmash videos. Realizing that his efforts were paying off with feedback and appreciation from the people closest and dear to him, Deepthi began creating more entertaining content. Only then did he realize that content creation had become his career. Currently, Deepthi Reddy posts cover songs on YouTube and is an avid creator of Instagram Reels. Deepthi is one of the most followed Telugu female influencers on Instagram.

# 2 Deepika Pilli

Instagram Username: deepika_pilli
Followers: 1.2M

Deepika Pilli comes from the city of Vijayawada and completed his education there. She started her acting career by making short TikTok lip-syncing videos. With the masses sharing their content and through word of mouth, Deepika Pilli is becoming a household name. With the app integration, he garnered a significant follower base on Instagram afterwards. Currently, Deepika posts cover songs and blogs on her YouTube channel and she was recently spotted co-hosting with Rashmi Gautam on the popular Telugu dance reality show Dhee 13.

# 3 M. Bala Bhargavi

Instagram Username: bhanuu_1006
Followers: 1.2M

Bhanu is a Telugu-speaking female influencer from Vijayawada. His first experiment with content creation was on the TikTok app, where he was greatly admired for Dubsmash videos and comedy clips. It is the integration of the application and the versatility it offers, which separates followers from one platform to another. Currently, Bhanu posts cover songs and blogs on his YouTube channel and is a pioneer in the YouTube Short field.

# 4 Alekhya Harika

Instagram Username: alekhyaharika_
Followers: 1.1M

Alekhya Harika is from the city of Hyderabad and completed his Bachelor’s degree there. He has been a pioneer in the field of Telugu web series and creates videos, sketches and short films about everyday life. Harika established himself through Dhethadi’s YouTube channel which is famous for its Telangana Pilla delivery style. And today, he is known as Dhethadi Harika. Alekhya Harika was also a part of Big Boss Season 4 and moved up to the finals. Currently, Dhethadi Harika entertains his 1.8 Million subscribers with short films and web series and is a frequent Instagram roll maker, which makes him one of the most followed Telugu female influencers.

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