20 Unedited Photos Of Celebrities And When They Are Not Afraid To Show Their Real Self

Celebrities live the lives we all admire – make-up, shoes, high-end clothes, and lavish vacations. They work tirelessly behind the camera to make it look neat on screen. Hours on trailers putting on their makeup so they can impress their fans. But in the end, they were human too. They are normal, just like us – they eat, sleep, and love like everyone else. Moreover, they also have imperfections.

While cameras and editors manage to hide it most of the time, celebs often introduce their true selves to fans via Social Media. Therefore, let’s take a peek at 20 celebrities who are not afraid to show their imperfections to the world.

1. Lizzo – Not afraid to reveal his naked self

20 unedited pictures of celebrities

Singers and songwriters are queens when it comes to music. However, he also owns social media. The singer is not afraid to show her flaws to the world. She often shares topless photos of herself to remind us that we are all the same. Singer Truth Hurts knows how to spread body positivity.

2. Ashley Graham – Model Loves to Be Carefree on the Beach

Actress and plus size model Ashley Grahm frequently posts photos of her body and changes. One moment, he is post pictures her feet as she relaxes on the beach. She wrote that she works out and tries to eat well. She has cellulite on her feet, just like everyone else, and she’s not ashamed of it.

3. Harry Style – Puberty Strikes Everyone

20 unedited pictures of celebrities

Former 1D member and current pop star Harry Styles blew us away with his trendy fashion outfits. Styles never fails to amaze with his music and style. But, after all, she was going through puberty just like we do, and her pimples tell us all too well. The singer of “Adore You” is not afraid to face the camera with a naked face. On the contrary, he looks more real in the photos.

4. Jessica Simpson – Motherhood


Every woman wants to feel motherhood, and whether it is an ordinary woman or an actress, all of them feel the same pain during pregnancy. Singer Jessica Simpson proved this when she shared photos of her swollen legs and reminded everyone that pregnancy isn’t pretty, even if you’re a celebrity.

5. Chrissy Teign – Inner thighs Don’t Matter, Inner Peace Is Important

Chrissy Teigen is known for saying what she feels regardless of how society will view it. The model is vocal about her feelings, and she has proven it time and time again. Teigen also often talks about body and motherly positivity. She once posted a picture that focuses on the inner thighs, it also shows how she has the mark of wrinkles, and she is really proud of herself.

6. Priyanka Chopra – Fine underarm hair


The former Miss World is not afraid to show off her armpit hair. The actress posted her photo with her hands over her head, as her armpits were fully exposed. It’s an unedited image from Maxim’s shoot. According to the actress, the editor edited the picture. Priyanka made us realize that there is nothing wrong with having body hair as long as we are comfortable.

7. Serena Williams – Untouchable Cover Beauty


Serena Williams is a matter of pride. And he proved he was a better human when he asked the Harper Bazaar not to improve or edit the cover image. In his personal essay which came out in 2019, he mentioned how he was called a name because of his body type. Besides, he used to be paid less because of his gender. But, we think she looks absolutely amazing in her magazine shoot.

8. The Truth of Sarah Hyland Hospital


Sarah Hyland has been to the hospital for her health problems – endometriosis and kidney dysplasia. The actress has had 16 surgeries so far and still manages to smile beautifully for her fans. Hyland once shared a photo of him from a hospital bed, and the selfie reflects his health and how sick the “Modern Family” star is. Hyland also shared photos of his post-surgery body with fans.

9. Jameela Jamil – Strong and Confident Just like her feet

The “Good Place” actress was outspoken and outspoken. And he proved it again when he posted photos of his feet online. Picture not edited, and it’s showing off her legs with cellulite. As Ashley Graham said, there’s no need to be ashamed. Jamil writes that even newborn babies have cellulite, so fashion magazines should stop editing everything. To be honest, we thought Jameela looked hot looking at her cellphone. Maybe, another unedited image to post online?

10. Barbie Ferreira – Young Queen of Positive Body


With her breakthrough performance in HBO’s “Euphoria”, Barbie Ferriera proved that she is definitely a young talent and a rare breed. The young star also made sure to educate his fans about body positivity online. She often shares pictures of herself, screaming BEAUTIFUL in all languages.

11. Kourtney Kardashian – The Oldest and Most Wise Clan

The oldest Kardashian proved she has more knowledge of the world with her top foot post. The Kardashian-Jenner sisters are known for their flawless beauty and bodies. Hourglass figures and contoured faces are their specialty. However, Kourtney points out that she has flaws. The mother of three shared a photo of herself wearing a monokini which also shows off stretch marks on her lower waist.

12. Katy Perry – Makeup Show


After being in the spotlight for almost 24 hours, the celebrities covered their skin with makeup. But, sometimes, makeup shows your imperfections rather than hiding them. And we’re wrong to call acne, facial hair, and pores imperfections. They are natural, and we all have them. Pop star Katy perry looks annoyed as her skin clearly shows her messy makeup in the picture.

13. Zendaya- Bringing Reality in Light

Zendaya is a legend of our time. The 24 year old actress is in the spotlight for her acting and talent. Zendaya is also some of the most respected young people, and he’s made sure to get them the right message. Previously, Zendaya posted two photos in the post on the left that was edited, and on the right, unedited. He wrote of how his body shape was manipulated by the editor. And how these things make women insecure and overthinker.

14. Danielle Brooks – The Queen of the Swimsuit

Danielle Brooks is an American actress and singer with the most beautiful smile. However, he is still being questioned because of his body shape, and we are sure some animals might call his name too. However, this didn’t stop the actress. Her photos in a swimsuit showcase her gorgeous curves and locks. He captioned the image and wrote, “Why Photoshop when you P H H A T (Beautiful, Hot, And Seductive).”

15. Rihanna – “Thicc” woman


Rihanna is a savage, and we can’t deny that. The singer appeared at the Kadooment Parade in flashy clothing. It showed her entire body, and her pretty face had the confidence she always wore. While talking to Edward Enninful about being the woman every woman likes, Rihanna said that she probably doesn’t know anymore, since she’s a “Thic” woman now.

16. Britney Spears – Fear of Nothing


Britney Spears is the purest celebrity when it comes to sticking to the ground. The pop star appeared in dirty flip-flops, greasy and messy hair, and even awkward clothes. But hey, all is well as long as you feel good. Often times her photos are edited to hide her face and other flaws. But, Britney made sure to introduce people to herself and not pop stars.

17. Brie Larson- Zits Before Events


Actress Brie Larson was honest about her breakouts which appeared a few days before the event. The actress attended an event in New Your City with acne cream and then took the situation to IG. She writes that when you’re stressed out by acne, you apply excess acne cream, and the blemishes dry out.

18. Brooklyn Decker – Mole Neck


Brooklyn Decker posted a photo of his mole on the neck. Apparently, his son thought it was * pple. The captions are simple and make us want to have kids as soon as possible. But, the main focus is that moles are common, and there is no need to get rid of them to feel beautiful.

19. Bella Thorne -Everyone Struggles With Acne


Bella Thorne has a body that makes everyone drool over it. The young actress is also a style icon, but, like every other young adult, she has had a bad experience with acne. However, instead of editing her photos, she opened up about her story and also posted photos of her pimples online.

20. Justin Bieber- Men Like Perfect Skin Too


Justin Bieber was successful at a very young age. He had everything, but like any normal young man, he suffered from acne. Bieber previously posted his photo and pointed to his pimples. He wrote “acne is there” and proudly talked about his problem with fans.

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