1BR Ending Explained: What Happened to Sarah? (Article ready)

1BR is a horror film that, although it has a linear story, needs to be explained in the ending. The story follows the life of a young woman named Sarah. She aspires to become a costume designer and, meanwhile, has been taking temporary jobs until a good opportunity arrives. Sarah has just moved into a new one-bedroom apartment in Los Angeles. But coincidentally was completely unaware that such a big change would occur in his life. His new apartment complex is owned by a cult therefore, he is forced to join them. 1BR happens to be a very thought-provoking film driven by its characters. It manages to show us viewers how people’s ideas are twisted just to get them to join a cult or group.

Directed by David Marmor, 1 BR is an American Horror film named after the abbreviation “one bedroom” apartment. 1BR first premiered at the Fantasia International Film Festival on July 18, 2019. It was later released in the United States in limited theaters while also being available on Video On Demand on April 24, 2020. 1BR was later available to stream on Netflix starting April 28, 2020. The film immediately rose to the rankings among its peers, as in its first week of release, 1BR was among the top 5 most streamed films, ranking 1st in the site’s film section.

What is Plot 1BR?

Sarah, who wants to be a costume designer, has taken on a new temp job that she happens to hate. Nevertheless, he continued to do so because it would keep him away from his cruel father. He had even seen her cheating on his mother with his own eyes when he was young. This had caused Sarah to face its devastating effects as she was now unable to fight back if anyone held her back. So, to get away from him, he moved to a new, separate complex. As she moved in, Sarah could see how her new neighbor seemed more morally ideal than usual.


And as part of his initiation into the community, the neighbors even held a barbeque where a one-eyed man named Lester gave him a book. Charles Ellerby’s book “The Power of Community” happens to set the storyline. While at first, everything seems perfect, it soon starts to get creepy. At night he was kept awake by the loud sound of pipes. In addition, he received several anonymous threats to get rid of his cat because it is not a pet community. The situation reached a boiling point when one day he woke up one night to his fire alarm. And to his horror, he found his cat burned in the oven. This caused his soul to crumble as he went through a rigorous process and became part of a cult.

When he became a staunch cult member, he followed the rules given by Charles Ellerby, namely Selflessness, Openness, Acceptance, and Security. Lastly, an old friend of Saah’s, Lisa started living in an apartment complex as well.

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1BR Ending Explained: What Happened to Sarah?


While the Cult tries to incorporate Lisa into their community, Sarah tells them how tough she is. However, during a meeting between community leaders Jerry, Sarah, and Lisa, Lisa is shot. It’s a wake-up call for Sarah as she musters up the courage to kill Jerry and escape the apartment building. All this time, the person who had helped him was Lester. Then he looked at a billboard where he saw a logo similar to a cult. That’s when Sarah realized that the cult wasn’t just isolated in the apartment, but that something bigger was going on.

Soon, Sarah finds out how everyone in her building is a member of a cult. Apart from that, there are CCTV Cameras which means someone is watching them. Towards the end of 1BR, it was understandable that Sarah had gone mad. He burst out laughing and clenched his fists as he realized he wasn’t the same person anymore. The person who arrives at the apartment complex at the beginning of the film is a completely different person. And what he would do in the future depended entirely on his sanity.

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