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South Korean shows that will make you laugh and smile, but also make you cry. The story revolves around a family and their journey to reconnect their hearts together. We met Hong Dae-young, a 37 year old man who has worked hard to keep his family together. While at school, Hong Dae-young was a handsome and charming basketball player. But when she got her boyfriend Jung Da-jung pregnant before finishing high school, she decided to give up on her dreams and passions. He married her and took the responsibility of raising the twins and taking care of his wife.

18 Again

Nearly finishing their 20 years of married life, the couple seem to be well settled and satisfied with their lives. Parents of twins Hong shi-ah and Hong shi-woo, the family of four tends to have a quiet life. But things turned into total contradiction when Jung Da-jung filed for divorce. While Hong Dae-young gave up on her basketball career, her pregnancy also took a lot from Jung Da-jung. Back in middle school, she was the most popular girl and every boy’s first love too. But that pregnancy delayed her dream job of becoming a news anchor and also delayed her college education.

18 Again

He had been trying to overcome the clash that had arisen between himself and Hong Dae-young. Even though she lost her cool over her husband’s incessant behavior, she was willing to endure and keep trying. But as soon as Hong Dae-young announced that he had been fired from his job, Jung Da-jung gave up completely. She was sure that life would be better without him and filed for divorce. The news shocked Hong Dae-young and he was disappointed by his wife’s decision to leave him. He wasn’t sure where life had dragged him and immediately realized all the places where things had gone wrong. He regrets various decisions and wants to go back in time to make things all right. Soon Hong Dae-young found himself transformed into his 18 year old body, with the intelligence of his 37 year old self.

18 Again

He enrolled himself in Serim Middle School, where his twin brother studied. Hong Dae-young and his wife Jung Da-jung are also alumni of the same school and he hopes that returning to the school will help him live his life as planned. Hong Dae-young introduces himself as Goo Woo-young, the son of his friend who has been at home school since the early years of his education. When she tries to make friends with her children, she immediately realizes a hidden aspect of their lives. She finds out that Hong shi-ah is an aspiring makeup artist and works part-time at a convenience store and without her parents’ permission. Hong shi-woo on the other hand was harassed at school by Goo Ja-sung, the basketball captain even though Hong shi-woo was very talented when it came to playing basketball.

Hong Dae-young immediately witnessed that his daughter, Hong shi-ah was late for school because of her part-time job. He is usually seen picking up trash at school or completing a sentence assigned to him. Even though she is rebellious and seems to lack forgiveness, she cares deeply for her family and loves them. She even blames herself as the only reason behind her parents’ broken relationship. Soon she befriends Goo Woo-young for her kindness and caring attitude, not knowing that he is her father.

A similar spark of friendship arose between him and his son when Go Woo-young saved Hong shi-ah from bullying with Ja-sung. Being an outcast at school gave Hong shi-ah a cold personality. But when her father arrived with a young avatar, they became good friends and it gave Hong shi-ah a new whirl of fresh air. Go Woo-young protected him from bullies, played basketball with him, and encouraged him to pursue his dream of becoming a basketball player. She continued to motivate and push him forward, because he didn’t want his son to give up on his aspirations, like he did.

During the show, we found Jung Da-jung in love with Goo Woo-young. But when she realizes that she is Hong Dae-young, it returns to normal and the couple reconciles, leading a happy life with their twins. Starring Yoon Sang-hyun, Lee Do-hyun, Kim Ha-neul, Roh Jeong-eui and Ryeoun, the show is available for streaming online on Netflix.


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