11 Indian Idol winners and their best performances on the show

Indian Idol, in its twelfth season, has been giving us incredible musical talent over the years. So far, the singing reality show Indian Idol has 11 winners. Many recorded songs for film albums. For many people, winning a title is the high point of their career. But one thing is for sure – these singers will have to beat more than 10 other contestants on their way to the Indian Idol title. And that is something that cannot be achieved without giving a great appearance.

Here are 11 Indian Idol winners so far and their best performances on the show:

# 1 Abhijeet Sawant

Number of Views: 672K +

Abhijeet Sawant is the winner of the first edition of Indian Idol. He has to fight tough competitors like Amit Sana in the quest for the title. But Abhijeet calculated where it mattered – at the end, singing his own song “Mohabbatein Lutaaunga”. The show won everyone’s heart and earned him the title of Indian Idol.

# 2 Sandeep Acharya

Number of Views: 1.4M +

Sandeep Acharya is the second season of Indian Idol winner. In one episode, he sang the popular Hindi song “Khaike Pan Banaraswala” and stunned the judges with his performance. This appearance was probably the reason behind his victory in the end. Unfortunately, things did not go well for Sandeep Acharya after Indian Idol and he passed away in 2013. But his fans range from the show to his songs to date.

# 3 Protect Prashant

Number of Views: 2.1 million +

Prashant Tamang, originally from Darjeeling, is an Indian singer who participated in the third season of Indian Idol. His success story is quite interesting and inspiring, because he was once a police officer in the Kolkata Police when he auditioned for Indian Idol 3. Through the show, Prashant gave many extraordinary performances, one of which was when he performed the song “Bheege Honth Tere”. In the end, Prashant Tamang was a landslide victory and he was crowned the winner of Indian Idol 3. After that, he traveled the world and went on to sing in many Nepalese films.

# 4 Sourabhee Debbarma

Number of Views: 1M +

Sourabhee is Indian Idol’s first female winner. Originally from Agartala, she took part in the fourth season of Indian Idol. Her most memorable performance came on the show when she sang the Hindi hit “Lekar Hum Deewana Dil” which had the jury and the audience flocking to it. After winning the title, Sourabhee Debbarma went on various tours around the world and also set a Guinness World Record by singing a song hanging upside down for 4 minutes, 30 seconds.

# 5 Sreerama Chandra Mynampati

Number of Views: 2.8 million +

One of the most successful Indian Idol winners, Sreerama Chandra became the fifth season of Indian Idol champion. In his Indian Idol journey, Sreerama Chandra is not afraid to take risks like his performance where he sang Kishore Kumar’s hit song “Aake Seedhi Lagi Dil Pe” with multiple roles (male and female voices). His career boomed after winning Indian Idol, singing the Bollywood song “Subhanallah” and even making progress as a Telugu actor. The fifth season of Indian Idol is believed to have the best contestants of all seasons.

# 6 Vipul Mehta

Number of Views: 575K +

It was 2012. Another Indian Idol season arrived, a male singer again won the title and once again, the singer did not find much success after the show. But Vipul Mehta, on his way to becoming an Indian Idol, left his mark on the fans of the show with some iconic performances like this one. Here, he sang Mohammad Rafi’s classic song “Teri Aankhon Ke Siva” and impressed guest judge Asha Bhosle with his performance. Eventually, she won the Indian Idol title and shot several music videos.

# 7 Anjana Padmanabhan

Number of Views: 4.6 million +

Indian Idol Junior has had two seasons so far, the first of which was won by Anjana Padmanabhan in 2013. Hailing from Bengaluru, Anjana has impressed at the show, with many beautiful performances. In one episode, he performed the Bollywood song “Barso Re” and charmed judge Shreya Ghoshal (who originally sang it) with his performance.

# 8 Ananya Nanda

Number of Views: 1.1 million +

In the second season of Indian Idol Junior, Ananya Nanda made one brilliant appearance after another. But the best came on the biggest stage, the grand final when she sang the songs “Nagade Sang Dhol” and “Drama Queen” and left the jury in awe. Naturally at that time he won the title. But the journey doesn’t end there; he went on to record many successful songs such as “Padhoge Likhoge” in MS Dhoni: The Untold Story. The singer from Bhubaneswar reaches new heights of fame every year and her career is just getting started.

# 9 LV Revanth

Number of Views: 7.4 million +

Overall, LV Revanth has become a popular singer when auditioning for Indian Idol Season 9. This can be seen here, in his audition performance where he surprised the judges with his high notes and charisma. He performed the song “Janam Janam” with a lot of fire and shook the stage, even though there was no background music. Telugu film fans know LV Revanth as the voice behind blockbuster songs like “Manohari” and “Telisiney Na Nuvve”. So, it can be said that LV Revanth is one of the most successful Indian Idol winners.

# 10 Salman Ali

Number of views: 46 million +

Another graduate of Indian Idol school, Salman Ali has since sung many Bollywood songs such as “Sab Badhiya Hai”. On Indian Idol 10, Salman Ali is one of the strongest contestants which is evident from the time he matched the jury note Neha Kakkar while performing “Mile Ho Tum” together. That’s when he went on to win titles.

# 11 Sunny Hindustani

Number of Views: 15M +

The last person to win Indian Idol, Bathinda’s Sunny Hindustani is the discovery of the season. Her high notes and melodious voice captivated the judges at all times, especially when she performed “Dulhe ka Sehra” with the young Shoaib. It was a match of two perfect classic voices that propelled Sunny to Indian Idol.

Who do you think will win Indian Idol this year? Season 12 has some outstanding contenders and in the tough battle towards the final it’s hard to say with confidence who will win. Pawandeep? Shanmukha Priya? Danish? Or Sawai? Or someone else?

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