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Anime is an interesting spectacle regardless of the genre it is branded with. One thing that must be followed is the choice of game-themed anime that always presents unique stories and dream-like adventures to show. The ‘RPG’ genre remains in this particular genre. A genre that, if formulated directly by the developers, would be enough to pull hundreds of hours out of your life just to complete it optimally. Some do fall in love with the gameplay mechanics or the various spells they put in, for example. However, it doesn’t seem difficult to find RPG gamers who like this genre for reasons of the solid story and game atmosphere. Believe it or not, you can find them easily in other known media and all over the internet.

Many have adapted their fantasy atmosphere heavily, while maintaining some RPG elements such as the level system, equipment, or damage, but some don’t inject these things but it’s enough to make RPG-loving gamers still feel familiar with one or two of these elements. bidding. In fact, despite all the “madness” that anime has to offer with so much story and appeal, there are a few titles that we think deserve to be recommended for those of you who might not quite follow suit.

This astonishing genre tells of a game or game played by characters from the anime itself. It is also the center of the story and is actually done until the story is over. Let’s take a look at the recommendations for the best anime games that must be included in your monitoring!

1. Sword Art Online

This anime timestamp is the not too distant future. At that instant, everyone could immediately enter the world of the game they were playing. A game called Sword Art Online, which was just released at that time, was immediately popular with many people.

Kazuto is one of the people who has tried playing the game. Unfortunately, he couldn’t get out of the game’s story and had to move on with his life there. He and thousands of other players must complete in-game missions to get out.

2. Sir

Still from the story of an online game, Overlord also presents the adventure story of someone who is locked in the game. Games that are not in demand in the market want to be closed by the makers. In the final seconds of closing the game, a player named Momonga intentionally remained in the game.

Surprisingly, he didn’t disappear after the game was turned off. Some of the characters in it can still interact with it. Momonga had to find his own way out of the game. He had to beat several characters to find a way out ..

3. At that time I Reincarnated as a Slime

This anime is actually included in the isekai genre. However, there is a main character that is told is a slime. This one character is actually a human who died on the way home. Then, he reincarnated into another world.

He can still return to the human world as long as he can complete missions in a world full of knights. Maybe the main character is just a slime, but many supporting characters are very capable. This anime is suitable for those of you who like the ecchi or harem genre.

4. No Game No Life

Two brothers named Sora and Shiro are online game players with a very famous reputation in the world. Many people had challenged him, but no one had been able to beat the two of them. These two players are almost unbeatable in all games in the world.

Then, there is an email challenge to play chess. As it turns out, this challenge comes from the gods of the game and draws them into his world. In order to get out of that world, they had to complete several games in that world.

5. Log Horizon

This anime also tells about a character trapped in a game called Elder Tale. The characters also work together to explore the in-game world while looking for a way out. Characters also build strong associations so they can defeat enemies.

Log Horizon is quite popular for those who like adventure game series or RPGs. This anime also makes you think about solving some puzzles. You will be amazed by the character skills that are in it.

6. Chihayafuru

The Chihayafuru anime tells the story of high school students who are involved in a traditional Japanese karuta game. This game combines dexterity and hand speed with traditional rhymes. It takes persistent practice to master this game. Unfortunately, not many Japanese teenagers like this game. Because of this, the popularity of anime has also shrunk

Chihaya Ayase is a teenager who dreams of becoming the queen of karuta in Japan. However, he had to gather people to form a club at his school. After that, Chihaya had to win the championship between high schools in Japan before she could challenge Queen Karuta.


7. Grimgar: Ashes and Illusions

Grimgar may not be an anime series that all RPG gamers can enjoy. Although the basis of the story is a bit cliché where the characters involved wake up in a fantasy world for no apparent reason, Grimgar presents a different approach to what you think. It doesn’t focus on action mechanics or RPGs, instead it makes the foundation of a fantasy world complete with various jobs and skills to build a story that focuses more on existing character interactions. It’s like a slice of the life of an adventurous character who is still struggling to build a more stable life, even from an economic perspective. Approach that may appeal to some gamers.

8. Girl with High Achievement

Those of you who lived in the 90s might be interested in this anime game. High Score Girl features stories about the development of video games, from arcade machines to console games. This particular anime includes familiar things like PC Engine, Super Famicom, and PlayStation. Attract those who have an interest in such things.

This anime also features teenage characters who are crazy about the game. On the other hand, High Score Girl also raised the romantic side of Japanese teenage romance in the 90s. You might get carried away a little while watching it.

9. Hikaru no Go

Go is a traditional board game from Japan that has been played for hundreds of years. This game also brings Hikaru Shindo together with the spirit of a famous go player in the Edo era. At first, Hikaru had no interest in playing this game, but the passion he knew was Fujiwara-no-Sai that lifted his spirits.

This passion is what helped Hikaru become the best Go player in the modern era. This anime is quite old since its release in 2001. But that doesn’t mean it’s not fun to watch now.

10. Kakegurui

The setting in this anime is an elite school containing students from very rich families. Student activity at this school is not far from gambling with very high stakes. The games played are very diverse, from cards to Russian roulette.

Jabami Yumeko is a new student who wants to challenge all the best gamblers in school. One by one the students fell into his hands. He also became famous and increasingly respected by other students. However, there was an association that wanted him to be expelled from school immediately by defeating him.

Those are the recommendations for the RPG game genre anime that you must watch immediately. if you are interested in some of the anime listed above. You should definitely give it a try and follow the story. Nothing feels more intense than watching an anime that feels like an adventure. Anime RPG is something that many of us can’t help but appreciate and thrill and drive. So what are you waiting for? Take some of your time and make plans to watch the recommended anime right now!


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