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Yuki Tabata’s Black Clover and serialized by Studio Pierrot are definitely the gems of modern shonen. Debuting on October 3, 2017, this anime follows the story of two young boys, Asta and Yuno, as they struggle to achieve their goal of becoming the Witch King. After facing hardships and the strongest opponent in the neighboring country, the elves and demons themselves. The anime has been announced to be reaching its end. With its final episode on March 30, 2020 and further announcements, we are here to look back in time. This article will cover the top 10 Black Clover fights in the entire anime. And anyone who hasn’t chased after Black Clover is warned for spoilers up front.

10.Yami vs. Licht (Cake)

Yami Sukehiro faces the Leader of Eye of the Midnight Sun, Licht.

This event was the first time at Black Clover where we were introduced to the elves who led us to the end of the seats. Yami, the captain of the Black Bulls who realizes his formidable badass persona comes into action. Those who had doubts about him were proven wrong because he fulfilled his personality when he confronted Patry, who was later believed to be Licht. Yami, using her Dark Magic, is the perfect opponent for Light Magic using Patry. And in the process, he dragged Patry almost to his sad death. No doubt Patry’s Light Magic itself was terrifying and competent. But Yami and Katana’s dark magic combined with ki sensing is far ahead of Patry.

9. Mereoleona vs. Raia, the Unfaithful

Mereoleona beats Raia.

Feared by Yami himself, Mereoleona is a terrifying warrior who has mastered the Mana Zone while training in which areas are strong. Now we finally see him in battle as he faces one of the third eyes, Raia the Disloyal. As the Royal Knights head for the Shadow Palace, Mereoleona confronts him as he shows that he is more than capable of taking punches. In Black Clover, he is a force of nature when he pushes anything that is thrown at him. Raia, despite using copy magic to even copy Asta’s sword, is unable to pinch it. Dan finds himself overwhelmed by Mereoleona’s mana zone and fiery fists, which are followed by a burst of fire magic. If it weren’t for the arrival of other elves, Mereoleona would have won.

8.Black Bulls vs. Vetto, Despair

Top 10 Black Clover Matches

Vetto, the Despair, unleashes his power against the Black Bulls.

When the Black Bulls go to the Seabed Temple to get the Magic Stone, they encounter one of the Third Eyes. Vetto, the Despair, cornered all the Black Bulls as we watched this cruel battle. During this battle, we saw many important character developments. Noelle finally learned her attack spell, Sea Dragon’s Roar. Magna and Luck, in partnership, fight Vetto to the end of their lives. Meanwhile we also see Vanessa and Finral first in action in Black Clover when they help Asta fight him. They managed to deliver a crushing blow, but Vetto began to unleash all his strength. Yami, who was trapped in another dimension, was moved by the determination of his troops and broke through. He channeled his dark magic to deliver a massive blow that caused his death.

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7.Rill vs. Yuno

Top 10 Black Clover Matches

Yuno changed as he assimilated the wind spirit, Sylph.

With Asta tragically expelled from the Royal Knights Selection Exam after his shocking tie against Langris. Yuno, Noelle, and En will face Rill’s troops in the Emergency Final. So far, we’ve seen the one-on-one battle between Yuno and the scattered but highly talented Aqua Knight captain. In any normal situation, Rill’s drawing magic would wreak havoc for even the most experienced magic user. But Yuno tries hard to earn his money as he shows off his work by fusing himself with the wind spirit, Sylph. This is the first time in Black Clover that we see Yuno’s Spirit Assimilation form: Spirit Dive. He became able to release spirit magic that was even more conspicuous than before. When the two of them cast the spell, Yuno emerged victorious.

6. Asta vs. Ladros

Top 10 Black Clover Matches

Asta changes into his black form for the first time when he faces Ladros.

When Asta injures his arm while fighting Vetto, Vanessa goes to his mother, the Witch Queen, for help. During their visit during the Diamond Kingdom attack, Asta confronts Ladros, one of the Diamond Kingdom’s Eight Shining Generals. Until now, there weren’t any magic users who had relied solely on the strength of their bodies and the inability to accept defeat. Asta has the urge to push himself forward in hopes of becoming the Witch King. And since he was fighting the all-out power of the shining assassin general, this impulse proved insufficient. But fortunately, he was able to find a way to take advantage of all the anti-magic that was circulating in his system. Here we get Asta’s Black form for the first time in Black Clover, where he becomes a one-winged soldier. And he quickly turned things around as he hunted down Ladros.

5. Lumiere vs Demon Licht

Top 10 Black Clover Matches

Licht turns into a demon.

From the very first episode of Black Clover, we’ve seen a show play over and over again in every episode. And finally we can watch this event in the right context. That demon was, in fact, the Leader of Elf Licht when he transformed into it when he refused to give in to despair following Tetia’s death. Lumiere tried to stop his friend before he did anything he would regret. But Licht couldn’t help himself, Lumiere had to fight him. It’s a visually stunning display of magic and chaos. Not to mention how painful Lumiere and Licht’s sacrifice was. In the end, when Lumiere got the chance, he summoned a giant sword of light that stabbed his best friend Licht to end his suffering.

4. Everyone vs. Devil

Top 10 Black Clover Matches

Devil, devil

When the devil comes to the real world tricking Patry and the elves, Asta and his friends fight him to stop his plan. During this fight, Asta is joined by Yuno, Lumiere, Secre, Licht, Patry, Yami, and Charla. The devil is the ultimate evil that has plagued both men and elves for a long time. And now Lumiere and Licht can finally get their friend’s revenge 500 years later. During this battle, we saw Asta and Yuno both increase their arsenal. And also how Secre helped Asta land one last hit. But this was only possible by Yami, who used his new attack, Dark Slash Dimension Slash: Equinox, to split the demon in half.

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3. Asta vs. Dante

Top 10 Black Clover Matches

Dante, possessed by the Demon King Lucifero.

As the Kingdom of Spade arc finally begins, we finally get a glimpse of the Dark Triads in action. Dante comes to the Black Bulls Headquarters to hunt down Yami when Asta and the Black Bulls fight him. As the fight continues, we can see how much less competitive the Black Bulls are than Dante. Dante possessed the Demon King, Lucifero wanted Asta to become more human and give in to his emotions. So, he stabbed Gauche with a sword. Seeing this, Asta spirals out of control in anger as he gives in to his emotions. We can see how the demonic-power increases, which is shown by Black energy and the second small wing. This is a very visually appealing battle that makes Black Clover fans excited to go on to the next episode.

2. Julius Novachrono vs Patry

Top 10 Black Clover Matches

Patry stabs Julius with the Sword of Light into his chest.

The Eye of the Midnight Sun leader shares a body with William Vangeance. Unable to make a decision, he lets Patry fight the Witch King, Julius. During this fast-paced battle, we see Patry’s versatility as she uses light magic as a whip or even long-range attacks. But even so, Julius who possessed the grimoire without cover and time magic was far ahead of him. Patry is some distance from stealing the flare of hope from humans but fails. So, his last resort was to force Julius to let go of his guard as he was going to kill everyone in the Clover Kingdom. Julius stops this but ends up sacrificing himself by being stabbed by a light sword to his chest.

1. Asta and Yuno vs Licht

Licht takes back his Demon-Dweller Sword from Asta.

The best fight in Black Clover should obviously be from the heavily promoted episode 100. Here for the first time, we see Asta and Yuno at their peak joining forces to fight someone. Licht is only partially awakened, but as the original owner of the Asta grimoire, he is skilled with swords. It is an astronomical level battle where it takes the combined efforts of the two rivals just to keep up. The fluency and intensity of this battle is astonishing because events happen in the blink of an eye. And in the middle, when Asta’s form appears, Yuno takes care of Licht himself as he waits for Asta to regain his strength to deal with the joint attack together. To their dismay, this wasn’t enough because Licht won the battle so easily.

You can watch all episodes of Black Clover at Crunchyroll.

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