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Monkey D. Luffy, the protagonist of the One Piece series and manga created by Eiichiro Oda. One Piece is considered one of the Big Three of anime and is very popular with readers and observers alike. The show has been on the air since 1999 and has nearly a thousand episodes. The story follows Luffy and his Mismatches group as they break through the ocean to find treasure. This treasure is considered as One Piece. Legend has it that whoever owns One Piece will become the Pirate King and that is what Luffy wants.

The show has many great characters and has immortalized itself in the world of anime and manga. The One Piece universe follows a very unique power system where one can acquire abilities by consuming Devil Fruits. Luffy himself has Devil Fruit powers. This strength makes the body very durable and elastic like rubber. His ability can be compared with Mr. Fantastic in the Fantastic Four.

Luffy has defeated many enemies with his strength and fighting experience. However, there are characters who can take them down easily. Here is a list of ten anime characters who can beat Luffy.

10. Ichigo

Ichigo Kurosaki
Starting from number 10, we have other protagonists from the Big Three. Ichigo Kurosaki is the main character of Bleach, an anime about souls and a Soul Reaper. Ichigo was given the power of Soul Reaper by Rukia and since then, he has grown stronger. Ichigo was able to beat Luffy for several reasons. At first, Ichigo went numb very quickly. He reached a higher speed when releasing Tensa Zangetsu, his Bankai. Luffy himself is pretty fast, especially in his Snake Man form but he won’t be able to keep up with Ichigo’s speed anyway. Also, Luffy’s weakness is in the sword. Ichigo’s main weapon is his Zanpakuto sword.

With his sword, he had leveled the mountains and altered the landscape with a single slash. Even with his Haki, Luffy won’t be able to unleash every single attack and ends up biting the dust once Ichigo takes his Hollow Form and releases his Bankai.

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9. All Might Prime

All Might

In prime condition, All Might will beat Luffy. With its One for All uniqueness, All Might is tough, durable and fast. He can literally hit the air to create massive pressure to affect enemies. His single strike was enough to destroy the entire area and he did so with a smile. He is the world’s number 1 hero for a reason. All Might is badly injured in his fight against All for One. This made him injured and forbidden to use his full strength. But the main All Might before his injury and also All Might using up all of One for All’s strength will be enough to defeat Luffy every day of the year.

8. Saitama

Saitama- One Punch Man

Saitama was about to beat Luffy with one hit and was bored because he couldn’t fight a worthy opponent. Famous as the One Punch Man, Saitama’s ability is only because he is very strong, one hit is enough to defeat most enemies. This made him bored and depressed because his fights were not long-lasting and unpleasant. But either way, Luffy can release all his anger, and still, it won’t make a dent. Saitama probably didn’t even need to use a serious punch to take him down. But when the dust settles, he will easily win.

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7. Gojo Satoru

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In seventh place is Gojo Satoru, arguably the strongest character of Jujutsu Kaisen. The Gojo was a skilled magician with a large amount of Cursed Energy. He can literally warp time and space with his magic. It is impossible for Luffy to fight Gojo because his greatest strength is in the physical realm. Gojo was dealing with magical abilities and even at that time, he was considered the strongest. Luffy was lucky to last one minute against him.

6. Naruto


At number 6 we have another member of the Big Three, Naruto. Naruto is a familiar name and face to many. He is the reincarnation of Ashura, a very powerful warrior and the son of Hagoromo Otsutsuki, the God of all Shinobi. Naruto has a lot of strength and strength. The chakra reserves are insane for two reasons. First, he comes from the Uzumaki clan which naturally tends to have a lot of chakra. Second, he sealed Kurama within himself which gave him even more strength. Naruto can destroy planets, nuclear tanks, and take down enemies that many people can’t beat. It’s easy to see how the battle between the two will turn out.

5. Scars

Scar Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood

From the Fullmetal Alchemist series, at number 5 we have Scar. Scar is an Ishbalan who mastered alchemy by making tattoos armed with circles and alchemical formulas. Its main attack is literally to expose someone. All Scar needed to do was touch Luffy once and just like that, he would be dismantled before he could blink. At the end of the anime Scar also managed to use his restructuring abilities to gain defensive and offensive strength. This only gave him an even bigger advantage against Luffy.

4. Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon

Usagi or Sailor Moon is our number 4 choice. He is someone with many strong abilities. At his strongest, he could destroy planets, if not entire universes. It can manipulate time, space, and reality as a whole. After all, Sailor Moon was a goddess and Luffy didn’t stand a chance when she fought against her.

3. Goku


At number 3, we are none other than Goku. Goku is considered to be one of the strongest warriors in all anime. He could destroy planets with one hit, facing enemies much stronger than him. He could actually run back to life after being killed so he could continue fighting. He has been training for centuries and now even masters Hakai. Goku will beat Luffy with one hit and get back to his training routine in no time.

2. Koro Sensei


From the anime Assassination Classroom, at number 2 is Koro-Sensei. He is an alien who single-handedly destroyed most of the moon. His average speed is Mach 20 which is faster than a fighter jet and he goes further in the series. Moreover, he was nearly indestructible as most of his physical attacks seemed to have no effect on him. The only way to harm him is with the Anti Sensei material specially made to defeat him. So Luffy will have a chance only if he gets this material and finds a way to use it.

1. Yagami Light

Light Yagami
And at number 1, we have Light Yagami. From the famous series Death Note, Light finds the note after Ryuk knocks it to the ground for fun. Keep things simple. Light could write Luffy’s name on his Death Note and that would be the end of any fight.

And here are ten anime characters who can easily beat Luffy. Do you agree with this list? Let us know in the comments.

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